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It seems as if almost everything is switching to an online platform these days. Whether it’s work, social interactions, education — hey, use your imagination — the shift from in-person to online interaction has been arguably the most significant social change of our times.

Love it, hate it, or feel neutral about it, the change is real and it’s not going anywhere. The recent pandemic has only accelerated the trend rather than started it from scratch. 

That’s not to say that in-person interaction is doomed — the in-person meeting, whether for business or pleasure, can never be replaced. However, some transitions to the online world offer so much convenience that many may never go back. 

Yoga fits that bill perfectly. Online yoga classes are a perfect compromise for those wishing to learn but finding themselves struggling to get to the studio for whatever reason. 

And while those reasons are many and varied, there are a few common themes that we’ve consistently run across. 

So, why take an online yoga class? Below are some reasons we’ve thought of — follow along and see which applies to you. 

Online Yoga Classes Save Time 

Yoga Classes Online Saves Time
Time is money, but is money time?

If you’ve taken in-person yoga classes before, you know the routine. Get kitted up, take transport to the yoga studio (car, bus, train, tram, bicycle, camel), park or walk to the studio, make sure you’re on time or early, and then get prepared. Depending on where you live, that can be a major time commitment — especially if you’re travelling during rush hour. And woe betide you if you need to travel far to your yoga session, as you may spend more time on your commute than on yoga. Make that commute two ways and you’re looking at lots of wasted time. 

Now consider the alternative: Your commute is from your bedroom, clothesline, dryer, or dirty clothes hamper — wherever you keep your yoga clothes (we don’t judge) — to your designated yoga space. That can be your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or literally anywhere you have WiFi. That’s it: job done. Put your yoga mat down and you’re good to go. No worries about parking, being on time, or how nasty traffic was. 

Simply put: Switching to online yoga classes will save you a ton of time. Feel free to do the math on just how much time you spend or would spend going to and from a yoga class and the picture will become crystal clear. 

Online Yoga Classes Prevent Stress

 Prevents Stress with yoga
Streaming yoga classes at home can prevent loads of unnecessary stress. 

Imagine you’ve gone to your in-person yoga class but you find yourself stressed out afterwards being stuck in traffic. You’re essentially defeating the purpose — like washing your feet every other step while walking through a field of mud. 

One of the major health benefits of yoga is its role as a de-stressor. And before you go thinking that stress is simply a psychological problem, it’s far from just that. Stress has been shown to be linked to chronic inflammation and depression, which themselves lead to other health problems. 

Simply by taking your classes at home, you reduce the stress of traveling and all the potential stressful factors that go along with it. Win-win. 

Online Yoga Classes Are Disease-Free

Nobody said you had to practice social distancing from your dog.

Depending on where you live, you may be locked down or have recently been locked down. We’re fairly sick (no pun intended) of talking about the pandemic, but it must be acknowledged: Yoga studios are a prime vector for the virus to spread. By practising your yoga at home you can maintain social distancing — everybody’s favourite phrase — while still getting the expert support you need. 

Online Yoga Classes Are Great for Shy People

Let’s be realistic: Not everybody wants to be seen in yoga pants in public. Not only that, not everyone wants to learn yoga in a group setting, or even spend significant time with strangers. Whether it’s simple shyness or social anxiety, taking yoga classes at home will give you the solitude you need to be your most clear-headed. 

Maybe it’s not even shyness — plenty of things come up in life. Maybe you don’t feel like showering before your class or haven’t got around to washing your clothes. If you’re concerned about your funk or not looking your best, fret not. If you’re taking online classes, the only people you could possibly offend will be family or housemates. 

Living in a Remote Area? Not a Problem

Yoga classes online is great for remote areas
Live out here? If so, as long as you have the internet, you can take yoga classes.

Access to yoga studios can be a major issue, especially for those living in rural areas. While yoga studios abound in cities, areas with lower population density unsurprisingly lack ready access to yoga studios and instructors. 

What’s more, the instructors found in more remote areas may not be the best the industry has to offer. Why compromise just because of location? We’re living in the future now. 

Access to high-quality yoga classes from expert instructors is no longer the sole privilege of urbanites. Indeed, the democratization of the industry could possibly lead to a boom in yoga knowledge throughout rural areas. 

Of course, it’s not like you absolutely must attend your online yoga class alone: Friends can gather to practice together just like they would in a normal session to retain a sense of camaraderie and mutually shared soreness. 

Bang for your Buck

Yoga Classes online is bang for your back
Online yoga classes can let your pocketbook breathe a bit better. 

You likely haven’t forgotten your pocketbook, and neither have we. While yoga is meant to be a sacred practice that links mind, body, and spirit, classes sadly also require the more profane cash or credit card. 

Anybody who’s taken yoga classes will tell you they’re not cheap, with top instructors charging a bundle. For many, the old adage, “You get what you pay for” holds up for yoga classes. 

Live streaming yoga classes is the way of the future: You get top-notch instruction delivered straight to your venue of choice by qualified, highly experienced teachers. 

Time to Make the Switch?

Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, online yoga classes are an infinitely more convenient, private, accessible, and affordable way to learn yoga. If you’re already hooked, you’ll have more opportunities to practice at your leisure. If you’ve been procrastinating or ditching classes (again, we don’t judge) it’s a golden opportunity to up your yoga game with few good reasons to not show up. 

Why not take the plunge and make the switch? Check us out and try a free online class.

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