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Inflammation, whether you know it or not, may also happen to you. It is how your immune system protects your body from injury, infection and disease. Good thing though, there are ways to help you deal with it such as the use of organic essential oils and even practising the benefits of yoga. 

Understanding Inflammation and the benefits of yoga

fighting inflammation

Inflammation happens when the body’s immune system is activated. When the body senses danger the blood cells go to its rescue and help heal and get rid of the invaders. 

The problem though is that not all inflammation is good for you. When you are stressed out, your body may produce inflammation to try and help it so that you can recover faster. However, if you are continuously tired and stressed out, usually from some environmental factors, food and lifestyle, this may cause an increase of inflammation. 

Most people these days live a very active lifestyle and some may even push themselves to go harder where their bodies may suffer and cause chronic inflammation. If your body is inflamed, a normal routine may feel like tiring which may even cause soreness and stiffness. This could also lead to your body to be susceptible to fatigue and even injury. 

A good way to deal with inflammation is by practising yoga and even the use of  Kutus Kutus essential oil. These two are a good combination to deal with inflammation and help reduce it. 

The Benefits of Yoga in dealing with Inflammation 

The benefits of yoga for better health

Do you know that practising yoga can decrease stress? It is also a good way to promote healthy habits not just in your body but also in mind. Most of those who do yoga see the benefits of practising it by reducing their stress level. Moreover, you can increase your anti-inflammatory hormone called adiponectin when you regularly practice it.

Testing the use of essential oils to your yoga practice may vary to what works for you and what doesn’t. Some people use oils to help them relieve their stress and headaches while others use it to promote sleep.

How to Use Essential Oils for Inflammation


This is the most natural way to relieve your body from inflammation especially if it is stress-related. Just apply a blend such as Kutus Kutus Oil directly to the affected area to reduce the pain.


With the use of an essential oil diffuser and inhaling the scent will help you relax and thus reduce inflammation.

What you need to know

Keep in mind that using organic essential oil to treat inflammation should not be your first line of treatment. In order to really treat chronic inflammation, you need to consult your doctor to figure out what is wrong with your body. The use of oils works as a secondary help. For instance, the use of Sandalwood essential oil is also a good choice to try in cases of stress, depression and even low self-esteem. Read our article on how to heal anxiety with Essential Oil here.

The Use of Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood Essential Oil is a profoundly versatile essential oil for its applications spiritually and emotionally.

Aromatically, Sandalwood Essential Oil is rich and sweet. In practice, I love using this oil for its base properties to round out a blend. But this tree is one of my favourites for the most grounding experiences I have ever encountered. The oil and the plants are so alive to me they each sing a song from the earth and in my opinion sandalwoods song is deep and harmonious. It allows us to be fully engaged with mother earth and is to be respected and used for when we really need to get back in touch with her.

As we inhale essential oils through our nasal passages, into our lungs, and then into our bloodstream, this increases the uptake of our oxygen, which is just one of the many benefits of this oil.

The tree can be found in India and is now protected, and for good reason. It takes up to sixty years for the tree to provide us with the smell we all love. They are very good crops growing elsewhere in the world to cope with demand. Sandalwood in ancient times was always prized and traded with the highest regard.

Incorporating the benefits of Essential Oils into your Yoga

Organic essential oils can help you physically and even energetically. As this relaxes your tight muscles and helps creative energy flow. Also, this oil has long been known for its ability to improve the mental and physical well-being of its user. Using it properly while doing yoga can be both beautiful and powerful in getting the full benefits of yoga. 

Sandalwood essential oils and Yoga

If you are fortunate enough to have some sandalwood oil of good quality, do this little exercise if you are stressed and a little overwhelmed.

  •  Just lie down on your back and get comfortable, turn off all of your technology and just make yourself quiet.
  • Add one drop of sandalwood oil in your palm and rub both hands together gently.
  •  Just place your hands above your nose and start to breathe in for 4 counts and breathe out for 4 counts. Do these 3 times then place your hands on your heart centre.
  • Keep your mind focussed on your breathing, with your eyes closed. If you find your mind drifting just bring your awareness back to your breath.
  • Repeat this three times enjoying the benefits of the oil and the stillness that you have created for yourself.

A combination of yoga and essential oils can really do wonders in helping reduce inflammation and getting the full benefits of it. The use of these two has already earned its popularity in recent years as a way to reduce anxiety and depression. While the effects of oils and yoga may vary from person to person but once infused, the two are just a beautiful experience most will enjoy. 

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