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Our world-class teachers provide the perfect mix of knowledge
and support
to help you progress in mind, body, and heart.

Megan Walsh

Founder Megan Walsh 

Megan has taught and practiced for dozens of years, with thousands of hours of practice and hours of experience. She taught at Wellpark College in Auckland New Zealand.


Susan Duncanson


Specialising in Hatha Yoga. Susan shares that which Yoga has bought to her life. She aspires to inspire by encouraging others to optimise personal health and well-being.


 Georgina Duncan


Georgina focuses her love in teaching a basic, flowing, stretching practise focusing on easing open the body and calming the breath, and the beautifully meditative yin yoga. 


Jessica Mitchard


Jessie particularly enjoys teaching yin yoga, supporting and encouraging her clients to grow and reconnect to themselves by becoming introspective and simply being.

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