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In Person Consultation

Megan is renowned for her soothing and healing hands on body therapy. 30 years of experience and a fusion of techniques and applications that leave you with a soothed body , less aches and pains, and a sense of calm .
After a brief consultation a carefully selected blend of oils and herbs will allow you to receive a bespoke and personalised service of the highest standard.

Megan demonstrates an unrivaled commitment to providing you with a exclusive service and an opportunity to improve your wellbeing.

Expand your healthy lifestyle with a personalized prescriptive wellbeing program designed for you. Everyone is unique and so should be your health. Megan employs a combination of health modalities including homeobotanical therapy , body work and prescriptive yoga to enhance your overall health.

Service We Offer

Body Work

With 30 years experience, Megan has developed a unique therapeutic  experience. With total relaxation and healing on all levels of your being take place, a personalized blend of herbal oils are massaged into your body to release pain, enhance your immune system, release anxiety, and produce a better sleep.

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Complete Wellness Package

Includes Following Things:

A wellness consultation 

Body work healing

Personalized oil blend to be applied in session and for you to take home

One month free of Megan membership program

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Prescriptive Yoga

Everyone is unique and so should be your yoga with a prescribed 15 min daily practice, your whole being will transform. Everyday stress that overwhelmed you will melt away and you will have a sense of calm that will envelope your whole being. Group Meditation and Yoga classes also available weekly. 

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Mobile Service

The team of trained  mobile therapists in the perth region of fremantle and surrounding suburbs ,can now come to your home for remedial body work just book in for your session. Our mobile service is available with limited booking available and area that we can service are the freemantle and surrounding areas.

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Homeobotanical Therapy

The homeobotanical system comprises of 26 herbal blends covering a wide range of conditions. The concentrated herbal blends are potentised homeopathically to enhance their medicinal power. All remedies are mutually compatible & can be mixed in an infinite variety of ways to restore the health of a patient.

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