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Megan Walsh

Massage & Aroma Therapist

Passion for loving your life is contagious around Megan, who believes that we are all Gods and Goddesses but that we often don’t recognise the power we have in our own being. Megan has devoted her life to inspiring others to be themselves through passing on the ancient traditions and bringing them into our modern existence.

She has taught and practised for over three decades,

Megan empowers her clients to incorporate megans method into their daily habits and knows that through peaceful movement , a harmonized mind , and spirit supports extraordinary happiness in our daily lives.. Megan firmly believes that living close to nature and fostering practices that bring harmony to body, mind and spirit, with the breath as your guru, sparks the fire of transformation in everyone. She loves the impact of her work and knows that this is her life’s purpose

Born in Australia, Megan has spent a large portion of her life in New Zealand where her love for holistic health and living in harmony with the earth fostered as she raised her four children with the help of her loving partner.

Megan lives her happiness in such a big way that you can’t help but leave her classes, workshops, training sessions and retreats spiritually and mentally uplifted.

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