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Do you have a busy lifestyle that affects your online yoga classes?

Have you ever wonder why to switch from studio to home yoga?

If no, you should definitely ask yourself – “What are the benefits of being at home and practicing yoga?”

Considering all the pros and cons, in this blog, you will find out why online yoga is the best option for you!

Let’s dive in!

Enjoy from the first row of your online yoga practice 

Probably the most annoying thing that can happen to you is a crowded yoga studio!

You know the drill…

You are late and you enter class last. The only space that has left for your yoga mat is at the back of the room.

How you can enjoy the practice when you can’t even see the yoga teacher.

Well.. you have the chance to be on the first row and to enjoy personal yoga training when you choose to practice from home.

However, you should always bear in mind the quality of the video lesson. 

No one wants to pay for bad quality and to be disappointed after that.

Most of the time the online yoga classes offer a free trial. You can always take advantage of it and see whether you like it.

The next benefit is…

Online yoga class – you choose the yoga instructor 

How many times do you make the compromise to attend yoga class when you don’t like the yoga teacher?

Probably the answer is a lot. The most common reason is choosing the yoga studio that is nearest to you.

That’s normal, of course. Considering the time you have to commute from work to yoga class, you always ask yourself – “Hmm… which yoga studio is near me” in order to save time. 

You can get rid of this problem by taking an online yoga course. Most of the platforms offer a choice of experienced yoga teachers for their practices. 

Because, let’s be honest – not every teacher can be “your type”. Having the option of choice is a very good opportunity to suit yourself and feel comfortable during practice.

There is something else that you can take advantage of during the trial period. You can test how the yoga teacher runs the practice.

Just follow the steps below :

  • Start the practice at home.
  • Try to follow the teacher’s instructions.

If you successfully understand every instruction and you have done the yoga pose correctly – then this might be the perfect yoga teacher to continue with.

What else you can get?

Be the boss to your own online yoga practice

You can do online yoga classes even in small home spaces.

You know the feeling when you are exhausted and you hit the studio, and you don’t have the energy for chaturanga.

Or how uncomfortable you may feel when all around you can do downward facing dog but you can’t.

Here is the thing, you never should be ashamed of who you are and how you do the yoga asana.

It is human nature for every person to have different physical potentialities. Hence it is unfair to feel bad and to compare yourself with other people when practising.

Probably there are other types of classes that have been offered – but the hours that are held just don’t suit you. 

To remove the discomfort from yourself, your mind, and body a simple solution can be to practice from home.

A wide range of yoga styles is offered online. So why not try them for free and see whether they can work for you?

Listen to your needs and select what is best for you at this time. It can be :

  • Yoga for beginners
  • Yoga for over 50’s
  • Meditation

Just check out what they offer during practice and see whether it fits you.

Speaking of uncomfortable things, how many times you don’t feel in the mood to wear yoga clothes? 

How about to…

Wear the most comfortable clothes you have for your online yoga class

Who has said that your yoga pants should be some branded name? Doesn’t it all come down to comfort and dedication during practice – not what you’re wearing.

Unfortunately, when you walked in the practice studio you feel like a model that everyone starts judging what you wear. Instead of relaxing and calm feelings, you felt ashamed of your choice of clothes and regret during the whole practice.

Clothes are not that important. Yes, they must be comfortable and give you the freedom for movements, but what if you feel free wearing your pyjamas or underwear for example?

The focus shouldn’t be on clothes. It should be on your mind, on your spirit.

You should be concentrated on the emotion you feel while you practice and enjoy the natural self-healing that yoga awards

That’s why choosing to practice yoga classes online can be the perfect solution. You don’t have to turn on your camera. All you need to do is to follow the instructor from your laptop or phone.

When you feel relaxed and comfortable in what you are doing, you can start noticing the connection that the body and mind create during practice.

That special connection that is the purpose of the whole yoga philosophy.

Now the best part of it!

Practice more for less 

Yoga classes online is for everyone
Yoga is for everyone!

Expensive membership cards, money for traveling, parking, the time you spend out there… and all that only for 60-minutes practice.

Is it worth it?

It doesn’t feel right to waste so much time and money! 

In fact, there is a way that you can spend more time on your yoga mat when you choose online yoga classes. 

Time is money. When you save time you save money. Get rid of all the stress while you travel – this will help your health and your nervous system.

What can be more important than your health? Nothing.

Remove the stress, remove the unnecessary commuting, and start taking care of your mind with yoga. You deserved it!

The bottom line…

You got all the 5 secrets that can be ”life-changer” for your yoga practice! Having all of them in mind – how can you resist not to try when is free?

Take advantage and try the free online yoga class with us!

Share in the comments which are the things that annoyed you when you practice at a yoga studio.

In that way, we can include the solution in our classes in order to satisfy your needs.

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